Help achieve the "Net Zero Goal"! Nearly 4GW of rooftop PV systems will be deployed in London by 2050!

Jan 26, 2022

The UK capital, London, will have nearly 4GW of rooftop PV systems deployed by 2030, which will play a key role in achieving its net-zero emissions targets, research shows.

Four options to help decarbonise London are presented in a new report from a study commissioned by London Mayor Sadiq Khan from Element Energy.

While all four scenarios of "high electrification, high hydrogen, unrestricted, accelerated green" feature higher energy efficiency, behavioral change, and electrification, they vary in speed and technology choices.

PV systems are expected to play a key role in the decarbonisation of residential and non-residential buildings in all scenarios, with London setting a target of deploying 3.9GW of PV systems by 2050. This will require more policy support and additional funding and financing, especially to support energy projects in the community
In high electrification and high hydrogen scenarios, PV systems will still play an important role, with the goal of deploying 2GW of PV systems by 2050.

The City of London has launched several programmes to support the deployment of more PV systems, the most recent being the London PV Skills Project, which will fund training in PV systems, energy storage systems and low carbon technologies.

Photovoltaic systems are also eligible to be supported by the Warm Homes discount, with £51 million to be spent in 2021 to roll out energy-efficient technology to low-income households in London.

The research report, published by Element Energy, lists energy efficiency, electric vehicle charging, heat pumps and the rollout of demand-side response solutions as key areas of focus for development.

Khan said, “It is clear that the costs of not taking active action will far outweigh the costs of transitioning to net zero and reducing air pollution, while deploying large numbers of PV systems is good for our economy, livelihoods, environment and people’s health. This is now Why you need to start a conversation with people, local governments and businesses about the best way to create the green, sustainable cities that people all want to see.”