Nuuko Power appears at KEY2024 in Italy to demonstrate its innovative power and promote energy transformation

Apr 02, 2024
As a key event for renewable energy in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, KEY-Energy Transformation Exhibition brings together many industry elites and cutting-edge technologies. During the three-day exhibition, Nuuko Power successfully Attracting the attention of global customers and potential partners.

At the exhibition, Nuuko Power not only demonstrated its outstanding achievements in the field of renewable energy, but also demonstrated the unique charm of N-type TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and customized energy management to global customers. As the star product of Nuuko Power, TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules adopt cutting-edge photovoltaic technology and have the characteristics of high efficiency and high stability. Whether in solar power stations, rooftop photovoltaics, distributed energy and other application scenarios, they can significantly improve solar energy. The efficiency and stability of power generation create greater energy value for customers.

Customized energy management service is a one-stop energy solution provided by Nuuko Power based on the specific needs and scenarios of customers. It seamlessly connects with renewable energy equipment such as N-type TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules to further optimize energy configuration and achieve optimal energy utilization maximize. This comprehensive and personalized service makes Nuuko Power stand out among many exhibitors and has won widespread praise from customers and partners.

As the global demand for renewable energy and energy transformation continues to grow, Nuuko Power will continue to adhere to the concepts of innovation, pragmatism and sustainable development, and continue to launch more excellent products and services to help global customers achieve sustainable energy goals. In the future, Nuuko Power will continue to work with global customers and partners to create a brighter, greener and more sustainable future.