Nuuko Power successfully participated in Uz Energy Expo in Uzbekistan

Nov 18, 2023

On October 25, the highly anticipated annual Uz Energy Expo of Uzbekistan opened grandly at the Tashkent Exhibition and Trade Center. As an important event in Uzbekistan's energy market, this exhibition attracted hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world, including energy companies, Chinese suppliers, and local energy solution providers. Nuuko Power presented at this event with its latest solar photovoltaic module product line and multi-scenario solutions, which received high praise and attention.

At this exhibition, Nuuko Power's new N-type TOPCon component products cover the power range of 420W-700W. They have the advantages of high power, high efficiency, and high power generation. They use advanced production processes, innovative technologies, and high-quality materials to ensure product performance and Its reliability enables it to provide stable and reliable power generation performance under various environmental conditions, and is suitable for a variety of scenarios. Its excellent conversion efficiency and stable power generation performance have been well received by visiting customers.

At the exhibition, Nuuko Power has demonstrated to visitors the latest solar system solutions and successful cases of customized service implementation. According to the specific needs of customers, Nuuko Power tailors complete solar system design and installation solutions and ensures that they are consistent with existing the high compatibility of the energy network effectively helps customers achieve optimal energy utilization, while fast-responding after-sales maintenance and technical support ensure the stable operation and long-term production capacity of the system.

As one of the important energy markets in Central Asia, Uzbekistan has huge development potential in the solar energy industry. Nuuko Power participated in this exhibition and had in-depth discussions with local customers and suppliers, shared the company's technological innovation strength and successful service cases, strengthened its contacts with potential partners, and successfully facilitated multiple purchase orders, in order to further expand its presence in the industry. Market share in Uzbekistan and Central Asia has laid a solid foundation.

This exhibition experience not only recognizes Nuuko Power's technical strength and product innovation, but also demonstrates the important position and influence of China's solar energy industry in the global market. Nuuko Power will continue to focus on innovative research and development, continuously improve product quality and performance, continue to make efforts in global layout, industrial chain extension, and production capacity expansion, and is committed to providing reliable and efficient solar solutions to more countries and regions, and Global users provide new experiences of green and efficient new energy services and jointly promote the global sustainable energy development process.