Sri Lanka plans to achieve 70% renewable energy power generation by 2030

Sep 16, 2021
Sri Lanka's "Daily Financial Times" reported on September 1 that this week the Sri Lankan cabinet approved the proposal of Energy Minister Gammanpila, calling on local and foreign investors to invest in more than 50 megawatts of solar and wind energy projects in Sri Lanka.

According to the statement of the Sri Lankan government, in order to achieve the goal of 70% renewable energy power generation by 2030, it is necessary to add 4,800 megawatts to the existing 458 megawatts of solar power generation capacity, and at the same time, to add 3,500 megawatts to the existing 248 megawatts of wind power capacity. watt.

According to data from the Ceylon Electric Power Commission, Sri Lanka’s current total installed power generation capacity is approximately 4,265 MW, including 900 MW of coal power, 1,268 MW of oil-fired thermal power, 1,383 MW of hydropower, wind power, small hydropower, biomass and solar power. Unconventional renewable energy such as power plants is 714 MW.